I Needed to Have My Wisdom Teeth Removed

I was so scared when I started to get pain in the back of my mouth. I figured it was my wisdom teeth coming in, but that seemed almost impossible considering that I was in my late 20s when it happened. I had not been to a dentist in a while, so I looked up wisdom teeth removal online to find a dentist that is close to me and who also has positive reviews from others when it comes to the removal of their wisdom teeth. I found just the one I wanted in Fairy Meadow Dental.

I was able to get an appointment sooner than I thought possible. I think it was because the receptionist could hear how much I was hurting when I called to make the appointment. When the dentist confirmed that it was my wisdom teeth, I asked why I was such a late bloomer. That is when I learned there is no age limits to getting wisdom teeth. People even older than me by a lot of years have been known to get their wisdom teeth in during the later years of their lives.

I was so afraid to have them pulled, mainly because I knew it was going to hurt. When my new dentist told me that he could pull them while I was awake but he preferred to have me under general anesthesia, I knew I had picked the right person to be my new dentist. The entire procedure was painless, and they followed up with me to make sure everything was okay. I have been going to them on a regular basis now because I have finally found a dentist that I trust rather than one who scares me. He took care of my pain without causing me more pain, and that makes him the best in my book.