Claiming Compensation Due to Chemical Accidents at Work

No matter how innocuous they may seem, working with any type of chemical can be dangerous. If they are stored incorrectly or mishandled, they can injure someone severely. If you’ve been injured at work by chemicals and you think it could have been prevented by your employer, then you may be able to be compensated for any injuries you sustained.

Handling Chemicals at Work

If chemicals are used at your place of employment, the law requires that your employer controls them properly at the worksite. This means they need to be properly stored, handled and labelled for their correct use. They also need to be disposed of in a proper manner to not only prevent injuries, but to protect the environment as well.

For employees that handle chemicals and other hazardous substances, employers must provide the proper training, along with protective clothing and equipment to employees. In many cases, employees who regularly handle any type of chemical in their line of work usually have to be certified or licenced within their industry. For instance, hairstylists handle chemicals used to colour, bleach or set hair, and they have to be trained and licenced to do so.

Some chemicals are capable of severely injuring people. If inhaled, they can cause internal organ damage. While some chemicals may only cause minor skin irritations, others can cause severe burns. Long-time exposure to some chemicals can lead to medical problems like lung cancer, while others are capable of exploding. If you have had a chemical accident at work, contact UK Claim Lawyers regarding possible compensation.

Compensation for Chemical Injuries

Whether you’ve been burned or have medical issues due to exposure to chemicals at work, you may be able to receive compensation for damages. A solicitor can help you file a claim to receive payments for medical expenses, any necessary rehabilitation costs, pain and suffering, and lost earnings. However, your lawyer must be able to prove that your employer was negligent in handling, storing or otherwise dealing with the chemicals used at the worksite.

Sometimes workers have to file a personal injury claim to recover lost wages if they have been forced out of work due to their injuries or illness. If your doctor thinks you cannot return to work for a while, or if you’ve become permanently unable to work, then your lawyer can help you seek compensation for wages you’ve already lost and/or your disability. In most successful work accident compensation claims, the compensation is paid out by the insurance company with whom the employer has a liability policy, and not by the employer themselves.

It can take some time proving that an employer is responsible for any injuries or illnesses suffered by their employees due to negligence. However, the time it takes and the legal expenses will also be compensated for if your case is successful, along with the expenses resulting from your injuries or illness. If you feel you have a case against your employer, you should contact a solicitor about filing a claim.